Comment: The model is dysfunctional—Strike!

The strike notices are coming in scores and today at 12:00 the painters union went on strike. Byggnads, the construction union, has put out a strike notice for the 24:th of May where 1500 members will go on strike. SEKO, the Union for service and communication workers, were supposed to go on strike at 15:00 yesterday, the union leaders chose to postpone it.


All across the country workplaces are seething. The union kingpins unwillingness towards real wage hikes is letting the inflation eat away at our wages, as the corporations are free to undermine safety regulations at our workplaces. Meanwhile the unions hands are tied thanks to non strike agreements. SEKO's postponing of the strike is yet another let down towards the workers. The threat of a strike is meaningless unless you're willing to call it, here the painters union are showing the way.

The unions are betraying their members but there is solidarity and a willingness to fight. Yesterday workers all across the country were ready to walk off the job and go on strike, to show whose hands create our wealth. The leadership of SEKO postponed the strike in hopes of negotiating a deal before Monday. The union leadership betrayed their members and showed their incompetent leadership, it's high time that the workers take the lead.

The executive committee

Central committee of RKU