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Revolutionary Communist Youth of Sweden is the youth league of the Communist Party (Sweden) (formerly KPML(r)).

We've worked since 1994 to organise the working class youth of Sweden in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, for socialism and justice. This is an everyday struggle at schools and workplaces. In the class struggle we are building an organisation to challenge the capitalist system. RKU is ideologically based on Marxism-Leninism. Therefore we believe that the movement for socialism becomes a movement only when it is organized. Only together we're able to make a change. We welcome all sharing the same goal to join our youth league.

Previously RKU published the magazine Rebell four times a year but have since 2019 discontinued its production. In 2022 and 2023 RKU released a special edition of the magazine with a collection of artices and text produced during the year as well as original content exclusivley for the physical edition. RKU's sixteenth congress, which took place in may of 2023, decided to publish an annual edition of the magazine. Rebell is the voice of the progressive youth of Sweden and the paper is written and edited by young people.

RKU always work to establish contacts with progressive youth organisations fighting for peace, justice, socialism and against imperialism around the world. RKU has participated at the World Youth and Students Festivals since 1997. We try to send groups of young communist for solidarity travels at summertime.

Contact Information

To contact RKU, please write or phone our international secretary Jakob Lejon.

By telephone: +46 31 244417
By e-mail:

By mail:
Postal Box 31 187
400 32 Göteborg