News and statements


The strike notices are coming in scores and today at 12:00 the painters union went on strike. Byggnads, the construction union, has put out a strike notice for the 24:th of May where 1500 members...


Statement from RKU-Karlstad concerning the doll depicting turkish president Recep Tayip Erdogan which they hung from the peace monument in Karlstad.


Statement adopted by the central committee of the Revolutionary Communist Youth concerning the wild cat strike by the commuter train drivers in Stockholm.


Two weeks ago RKU launched a joint campaign to support the newspaper Proletärens fundraising to those who are striking in France.


The target for all sectors wage increases has been set by the parties within industry. After months of talking though the parties within the swedish labor market have come to an agreement and...


For weeks workers have been on strike while students and youth have demonstrated throughout France against Emanuel Macrons butchering of the pensionsystem. Neoliberalism has reached the end of the...


Joint statement by the Communist party of Swedens party board and Revolutionary communist youth of Swedens central committee regarding the Riksdags vote on swedish membership in Nato.


On this day 20 years ago the USA launched its second imperialist war against Iraq. Iraq suffered under heavy sanctions for more than a decade leading up to the war, sanctions which caused the...


Statement adopted by the Revolutionary communist youth of Sweden's international committee


Support the striking workers of UAW International Union!