20 years since the invasion of Iraq

On this day 20 years ago the USA launched its second imperialist war against Iraq. Iraq suffered under heavy sanctions for more than a decade leading up to the war, sanctions which caused the death of half a million Iraqi children, and to justify it a web of lies was spun about weapons of mass distruction.


The war and subsequent occupation caused immense suffering for the Iraqi people. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives. Revelations of torture and and war crimes perpetrated by the coalition forces came one after the other. Iraq was looted and its natural resources divided up amongst the imperialists.

It took until 2021 for american troops to leave the country.

The mobilisation against the war was enormous. Over 100 000 people demonstrated all across Sweden and elementary and high school students striked in schools in the weeks leading up to the war. On the 20th of march alone 8000 students striked in Stockholm, 3000 in Gothenburg, 1000 in Umea. Demonstrations and strikes in schools continued, as well as the meetings, speeches and actions which were organised in the schools by the students themselves. Tens of millions demonstrated across the world for months in one of histories largest political movements.

We must not forgive the war on Iraq. We must remember that no lies are too big when capital wants to see its interests through. Today when the parties of the Riksdag [the swedish parliment] is arming the military and the fevor for war is seen all about we must remember, Swedens students and young workers, to say no:

No to war! No to Nato!

Central committee