Statement: Full support to the wildcat strike!

Statement adopted by the central committee of the Revolutionary Communist Youth concerning the wild cat strike by the commuter train drivers in Stockholm.


At 03:00 tonight the commuter train drivers in Stockholm went out on a wildcat strike. This follows a long period of betrayal and broken promises from both the train company MTR and from the Stockholm Regional Council, which have created an undignified working environment for the train drivers.

Most recently, the Region decided to replace the train conductors with security cameras, which in practice means that the train driver will be solely responsible for safety - on trains that can have up to 1,800 passengers. It is clear that the Region and MTR want to cut costs through these potentially massive lay-offs, at the expense of train drivers’ conditions and health.

The train drivers’ demand is that the decision to remove conductors from the trains, and replace them with cameras, be immediately revoked.

The strike weapon is our main weapon to force the capitalists to comply with our demands: a weapon that should be used far more by way more in these times of inflation and union betrayal. Therefore, RKU wishes to send its full support to the train drivers and their strike!

The striking train drivers call to support the Union of Workers' Solidarity’s (Förbundet Arbetarsolidaritet) collection for the strike fund. RKU has contributed 1,500 Swedish kronor, contribute you too by Swishing to 123 699 29 52 or paying to Bankgiro 418-6482. Mark the payment with "tågvärd".

Central Committee of RKU 17-04-2023

Revolutionary Communist Youth of Sweden