RKU:s fundraiser—Over 11 000 to the strike fund

Two weeks ago RKU launched a joint campaign to support the newspaper Proletärens fundraising to those who are striking in France.


The goal was to collect funds during a two week period by diffrent means to support the strike fund. The campaign is now over.

The campaign was launched the 28th of march and lept through the 9th of april, which is to say about two weeks. During these two weeks the diffrent local organisations of the RKU have collected funds through pubs, support from member and sympathizers and much more. All the work has been in order to support the newspaper Proletärens fundraising to the local branch of the CGT in the Paris suburb of Trappes.

RKU collected a total of:

11 625 kr

Proletären ended their fundraising earlier this week with a total of 77 488 kr. This is to say that RKU:s members, sympathizers and local organisations contributed with 15% of the fundraisers total amount.

Amongst other things the french unions willingness to fight also means that they don't have the immense strike funds the members of the swedish national organisation of unions have lying around collecting dust. International solidarity is of utmost importance as some are forced back to work and break the strike as the aren't able to go without pay. Read more about it here (the page is in swedish).

We are a testement to international solidarity being more than just a pretty phrase, that it also requires concrete action. Of all youth leagues on the left it's only the communists that show their readiness to act, without any funds from the state.

The executive committee

RKU:s central committee