They are striking against neoliberalism—Support the strike!

For weeks workers have been on strike while students and youth have demonstrated throughout France against Emanuel Macrons butchering of the pensionsystem. Neoliberalism has reached the end of the road, the only solution is to force through the reform and bypass the parliment. The communist party of Swedens newspaper Proletären has started a fundraiser for the strike fund, we urge to support the strike fund—support the strike!


Emanuel Macron has layed aim on the french pension system since he came to power in 2017 in order to finance his neoliberal reforms. The first time in 2019 when he was forced to withdraw his proposal for reform after being met by strikes and demonstrations, now again in 2023. The neoliberal rulers have lost their patience and don't even attempt to hide the reforms behind a shroud of "understanding". The reforms must be pushed through, no matter the price.

The same argument has been put forward in france as in so many other countries before; we can't afford the pensions because the are more and more penisoners for every day. The bourgeoisie's own witch doctors say that in the year 2000 there were 2.1 workers for every pensioner and in the year 2070 there will be 1.2. What is not mentioned is that the french economy only since the year 2000 has grown by 2.1x, the resources exist but are hidden away in the pockets of the capitalist few who are born to own the industries. At the same time it seems the rest of us are doomed to work longer to receive less, and those who will bear the brunt of it is the youth

The problem isn't unique to France and won't be contained there either. Just like how Chile was the first neoliberal crash dummy, how Sweden has been the testing ground for everything from railroad to schools is France now the neoliberal experiment in subverting the liberal democracy. In the case of Macron it was the infamous article 49.3 of the french constitution, but it's only an answer looking for a question.

They are striking against neoliberalism—We have to support the strike!

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