Program of action

Adopted by the association's ninth Congress, May 2009.

RKU is a revolutionary communist youth organization, struggling to create a new, equal and democratic society. We are fighting for the abolition of capitalism, and for a socialist Sweden.

The struggle for socialism must start in our own daily lives here and now, in the fight for good schools, housing and work, in the fight for a brighter and better future.

Therefore, we present our program of action.

The right to real jobs

Youth unemployment is sky high and denying young people the right to economic independence. The young people who nonetheless manage to get jobs are often forced to work as hourly-paid, part-time or temporary staff, both in private and public sector. This is a conscious strategy amongst politicians and companies who are making money by letting people go unemployed. Not only are these types of unstable employments making it hard for young people to live their own lives, they are at the same time often making people afraid to demand their rights at work. Companies moving abroad and capitalists importing workers from low-income countries are threatening many of the real jobs.

RKU are fighting for all young people's right to a real job with fixed salary. Work is a human right.

RKU demands:
Work for all!
Share the jobs, six hours workday with the same salary!
Strengthen the labour laws, yes to permanent jobs!

A good school for everyone

Big classes, lessons without teachers and out of date schoolbooks are a result of 20 years of cutbacks. Instead of investing in the public school system the politicians have been using this decline of Swedish schools to motivate the increase of private schools, where companies is given the chance to make profit on tax money, by lowering the quality of the education. Money that could be used to put the public schools in good order is finding its way down into private investors pockets. Meanwhile, schools are increasingly segregated. While upper-class children gets a good education, some of the schools for the working class children are more and more taking on the function of a storage space.

Especially those pupils who choose to go to a practical gymnasium experiences the poor quality followed by the decreasing resources. As a result of this, many pupils at these important programs don't complete their education.

RKU are working to make sure that the youth of the working class also have a school with educated personnel, small classes, good school food and up to date schoolbooks.

RKU demands:
Abolish private schools!
Paid practical training in the practical programs!
Free driving education for all gymnasium students!
A good, free and equivalent education for all!

Provide more activities for young people

The financial means to youth activities have decreased. Higher fees, closed youth recreations centres, less work out opportunities and chances to get access to meeting places is making it harder for young people to have a meaningful free time.

RKU thinks that all young people should have the right to a meaningful leisure time.

RKU demands:
More resources to youth activities!
Sports for all!

Fight the oppression of women

The oppression of women is leading to a male domination in the classrooms and in the workplaces. Young girls are being forced into an ideal of women, impossible to live up to. Women and girls are being exploited in pornography and trafficking. The oppression of women are also making girls passive and making it harder for them to defend themselves. Also, society and the legal system often takes side in favour of men.

EU's right-wing politics is holding the women back. The many women working within the public sector are getting worse working conditions or are loosing their jobs. Furthermore working areas dominated by women, for example trade, restaurants and social care, are valued less with the result of lower salaries.

RKU is a feminist association that fights for a society where no one is being oppressed due to their gender and where pornography and purchasing sexual services are not allowed.

RKU demands:
Same salary for equivalent work!
Stop prostitution and pornography!
Fight the structures that prevent girls from taking as much space as boys!

Build cheap rentals

Today thousands of young people are looking for a place to live. They are being forced into living at home with their parents, years after finishing school. The situation is becoming worse as more and more of the existing rentals are being turned into tenant-ownership.
RKU consider the housing shortage a situation created by politicians and therefore dissolvable by political decisions. Building can solve the housing shortage.

RKU demands:
Build good and cheap rentals!
All apartments to municipal housing exchange!

Fight against racism and Nazism

Right-wing politics are increasing the gaps between the rich and the poor and are creating hostility between immigrants and ethnic Swedes. It is creating a clash of opinions between us, who should stick together. EU and its right-wing politics are also restricting the right of asylum. Today people are being turned back at the border or denied asylum despite that returning to their homeland is a direct threat against their lives.

The cutbacks in welfare is creating oppurtunity for racist parties to introduce "easy solutions". But these racist parties are in the same line of politics as the established, governmental right parties. RKU are fighting against racism in our society at the same time as we are fighting its foundation - the right-wing politics. Our association also demand banning of Nazi organizations. The Nazi movement is not a political but a criminal movement.

RKU are fighting for a society with no discrimination based on skin colour, gender or sexual orientation.

RKU demands:
Stop racism and the right-wing politics!
Stop discrimination based on origin or sexual orientation!
Ban Nazi organisations!

End segregation, invest in the suburbs

Cutbacks, unemployment and political unwillingness to integrate refugees and immigrants coming to Sweden have created a strong segregation in the Swedish society.

This is exacerbated by the unfair housing market and the systematic discrimination against the unemployed, immigrants or people with low social status. Many suburbs today are characterized by marginalization, poverty and unemployment. Social exclusion is exacerbated by the public services gradually disappearing from these areas.

RKU means that the segregation must end so that together we can fight the system that creates alienation.

RKU demands:
Invest in the suburbs!
End segregation!

Privatization is theft

Politicians have given away our public transportation, part of our healthcare and our postal, telephone and power companies to the capitalists. Earlier, society guaranteed to all citizens, regardless of income or where in the country you lived, access to these essential services. Today, private companies make huge profits in this business without regard for human needs. This not only leads to more expensive services but it is also making the service worse and the work environment for employees tougher. The EU has dictated the terms that politicians have followed when they have stolen money from us, deregulated, cut down and sold out Sweden.

RKU is struggling to halt the privatization, and for all public services to be operated in the public domain. All cutbacks in the public sector must be stopped.

RKU demands:
Stop all privatization and downsizing!
Take back what has been stolen!

Sustainable development

The UN has stated that global warming is mainly caused by man. If we do nothing it will have devastating consequences. Man’s and the Earth's future are at risk because of companies' short-term profit thinking and political unwillingness to tackle the problems. In today's society there are major benefits in moving goods across the globe, instead of producing them locally. It is the rich countries that constitute the greatest threat to the environment. The poor countries must be able to develop.

RKU believe that a solution to the problem cannot be on the individual bases. Only if we together fight to ban big corporate exploitation of our collective resources, we can save the environment.

RKU demands:
Phase out nuclear power, invest in renewable energy sources!
Discourage long transports – move production closer to people!

Let the whole of Sweden live

Today rural areas and villages are depopulated when jobs are disappearing from the private and public sectors and public services are shut down. Inadequate communications makes it even harder to stay.

The recent industrial slaughter, which has resulted in tens of thousands of workers loosing their jobs when companies moved production overseas, also affects rural areas and small towns particularly hard. No one should be forced to move to get a job.

RKU is fighting for that the whole of Sweden, from north to south and both urban and rural areas, have full access to community services that meet people's needs.

RKU requires that all of Sweden should be able to live and that the state takes over production from the firms moving industries abroad.

RKU demands:
Public service in the whole of Sweden!
Free and efficient public transport!

For a restrictive alcohol policy and fight against drug-liberalism

Alcohol consumption in Sweden has increased tremendously in recent years. The EU has, despite promises of the contrary, forced Sweden to drop regulations and allow alcohol to flow freely. This has had major implications in terms of alcohol-related crime and disease. Even the drugs are flowing into Sweden because of the EU's open borders.

RKU is fighting for a restrictive alcohol policy and against drug-liberalism. Only the upper class benefits from the working class becoming alcoholics. We want the Swedish population itself to determine how alcohol and drug policies should be shaped, not EU.

RKU demands:
Restore a restrictive alcohol policy!
Fight against drug-liberalism!

Struggle against U.S. Imperialism

U.S. imperialism today threatens all the countries that do not bend to its will. United States say they are bombing for peace and democracy, but in reality they just want to strengthen their own power over natural resources, mainly oil. This is happening at the expense of third world countries and in competition with other imperialist countries.

The resistance struggle against U.S. occupation of Iraq is not only legal under international law, but also necessary. It gives hope to people in other countries threatened by U.S. imperialism.

The defence of the Cuban revolution and the Venezuelan people's resistance inspires as well. RKU gives its full support to the popular revolutionary processes in Latin America and defending the socialist Cuba's right to choose it’s own path.

Sweden has adopted its foreign policy to USA and adhered to the policy of war. The Swedish army develops more and more from a defensive to an attacking force that can be used abroad. Swedish troops are already participating in the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.
RKU demands that Sweden takes on an independent stance in foreign policy. RKU struggle against U.S. imperialism and against Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine. We support all nations right to self-determination.

RKU demands:
U.S. out of Iraq!
Sweden out of Afghanistan!
Liberate Palestine, Boycott Israel!

Sweden out of EU

Since joining the European Union in 1995, we have had mass unemployment, poor health care, deterioration in employment law and more and more power has shifted to Brussels. The EU is basically just an extension of the interests of big business and the right-wing politics are enshrined in the Union constitution.

RKU works for Sweden to leave the EU, because it is the only way to get rid of its policies.

RKU demands:
Sweden out of EU!
Continued rejection of EMU!

Get organized!

We Communists believe in the people and the future. But alone we are weak and cannot change anything. Only together we are strong. Therefore, it’s up to you and your comrades, if we are to succeed in building a better future.

Join RKU!