Statement: We refuse to die in Nato's war!

Statement adopted by the Revolutionary communist youth of Sweden's international committee


The government is taking leaps in order to sell out our lives and our future to Nato and the arms industry. The latest such development is the proposal that conscripts should be able to be forced to serve Nato. That the arms industry now also wants a department for the sale of arms does not make the situation look and less dire for us.

No, it's evident that the hopes and lives of the youth is nothing of worth. There is an oppurtunity to make money here and neither lives nor peace may stand in the way. The capitalists wants to make it easier to sell weapons and protect their assets abroad. Therefore they want to lure use into Nato and are willing, yes even eager, to offer up the lives of the youth and eve place nuclear weapons on swedish soil.

However, we are not willing to offer our lives for the profits of the rich neither sacrificing the future of our entire planet by placing nuclear weapons in Sweden. Therefore we demand: that Sweden's ascension to Nato is withdrawn, no to nuclear arms and no soldiers be sent to participate in the imperialist wars for pillaging!

International committee